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DVDs are protected by copyright law. Playing DVDs in a public area, where patients or the general public can view them, is not permissible unless:

  • You obtain copyright permission from all copyright holders of the DVD (eg producers, publishers, sound track owners, etc) 
  • You pay a license fee to an agency (but it is usually for entertainment movies not educational DVDs)

With regard to use of DVDs your unit may have already purchased, check the following for copyright information (links below):

  • Australian Copyright Council – fact sheet Films, DVDs, Videos and TV: Screening in public
  • IP Australia, Australian Government - Understanding IP (Intellectual Property)
  • Australian Film Societies Federation – DVD copyright

NOTE: these links may change over time. Search for 'DVD copyright' and 'Australia' using your web browser for further information.

USA View Medica and Milner-Fenwick, Inc companies provide a service at cost; eg, pay on a monthly basis for patient education DVDs. Check websites for current pricing and further information. PLEASE NOTE: LKC does not endorse these companies or their content and you should assess the content using your professional judgment. Please ensure you search for other companies that may provide similar services.

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