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There may be a number of reasons why your Library & Knowledge Centre (LKC) after hours access may no longer be working.

1. Your AH approval has expired

Your AH access is only approved for the time you are registered with the LKC. If your LKC registration expires, then so does your LKC AH access.

When you register, we give a 12 months registration period for permanent staff or until the end of contract date for temporary staff. Therefore, you will only have AH access approval for 12 months or for the period of your temporary employment.

JCU Medical students AH and registration will always expire at the end of the year before LKC closure, eg 22 December.

Why do registrations have an expiry? Because this enables LKC keep your details updated on the system. And it's also a condition of registration that you let us know if your contact details have changed.

2. You may have overdue loan(s) at 3rd notice stage

If you have overdue loans and you've received a 3rd overdue notice from the system, then your AH access is automatically revoked.

AH access will not be approved until outstanding overdue loans are returned.

LKC reserves the right to approve or deny AH access depending on a client's borrowing history.

3. We audited all AH access in 2016 and removed unregistered staff or clients with expired registrations

We have been working closely with CHHHS Access Control Office (ACO) to better manage all AH access to LKC.

In the past, some staff asked ACO directly for AH access to LKC. Consequently, we had a large number of people who weren't registered but who had AH access.

ACO does not provide approval for LKC AH access. They will always refer you back to us.

Why do we insist on registration?

Because if you borrow books, we need to have your details on file so that we can check them out to you. It's also our way of managing safety and security issues.

LKC staff are responsible for protecting valuable equipment and resources such as computers, expensive text books, etc.

What do you need to do if your LKC registration and AH access has expired?

  1. Register with LKC - see online form link below
  2. Check 'yes' for AH access
  3. Provide your access card number on the form

AH access takes approx 2-5 working days to organise. Please ensure you give us enough time to process your application.

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